PHOTO GALLERY- May 29, 2008 (photos)


David Hyde Pierce

The May cast of DQYNJ

Max Crumm and Matt Cavenaugh

Laura Osnes and Max Crumm

Christopher Gattelli,Brian d'Arcy James, and Dan Lipton

Julia Murney and David Hyde Pierce

David Hyde Pierce, David Rossmer, and Sarah Saltzberg

Dan Lipton and Damien Bassman

Steve Rosen in spirit

David Rossmer

Matt Cavenaugh, David Rossmer, and Todd Buonopane

Todd Buonopane, Matt Cavenaugh, and David Rossmer

Brian d'Arcy James

Brian d'Arcy James

Sarah Saltzberg,Jeff Hiller, and J. Elaine Marcos

Jeff Hiller

Jeff Hiller, J. Elaine Marcos, and David Rossmer

Dan Lipton

Julia Murney

Julia Murney

Christina Gausas

Will Erat

David Rossmer and Brian d'Arcy James

Christina Gausas and Will Erat

Jeff Hiller and Sarah Saltzberg

Matt Cavenaugh

Will Erat, J. Elaine Marcos, Matt Cavenaugh and Todd Buonopane

David Rossmer

Max Crumm

Laura Osnes

Max Crumm and Laura Osnes

The cast of DQYNJ

The cast of DQYNJ

Todd Buonopane

David Rossmer and Sarah Saltzberg

The cast of DQYNJ


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